2009 Rates and Services
There are a few different types of service plans offered by Pampered Pool Service. We will help
you select the plan that will fit your needs best
Full Service Weekly  - Starting at $80.00/month

With the Full Service Weekly Plan we will visit your pool once a week and
perform the following:

Brush pool and/or spa walls and tile line.

- Net surface and floor debris.

- Vacuum pool floor (when necessary)

- Test and adjust following chemical levels: chlorine, pH, alkalinity, stabilizer
(monthly), and phosphates (monthly).

- Visual inspection of pool & equipment.

- Empty ALL debris baskets. (skimmer, pump, in-line baskets)

- Backwash Filter

- Adjust Auto Cleaner if needed.

Other Services - Prices Vary

In addition to Full Service and Chems & Baskets, Pampered Pool Service offers:

- Vacation/Seasonal Services: This service is offered for those who have a seasonal out of state residence or those who are
going on vacation. For vacations, the rates will be pro-rated based on what the Full Service cost of the pool would be. For
example: if it is $80/month to clean the pool and the individual is going to be gone for 2 weeks, the charge would be $40.
Seasonal rates are the same as Full Service Rates for as long as the pool is serviced.

One-Time Clean ups/Green Pool Recovery: Rates vary based on time spent at location and chemicals that are used to restore
pool. Call for a FREE ESTIMATE

Acid Washing (Fall/Winter months): Rates vary on pool size. Call for a FREE ESTIMATE

Filter Cleaning/Tune-up: This service includes breakdown of filter, thorough cleaning of filter elements, lubricate tank o-ring,
and inspect all filter parts.
Contact us for prices.


At Pampered Pool Service we offer expert repairs at affordable prices. In addition to small repairs (skimmer
baskets, pump baskets, o-rings, etc) we also perform large repairs (pump/motor replacement, Filter
replacement, auto cleaner repairs). The rates for these services vary. Please
contact us today for a FREE